Mind Wars feat. Datin

from by Believin Stephen

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Mind Wars ft. Datin

Timothy Introduces Song (4 bars)
Believers compete against many different voices daily, but it’s only being led by God’s word and the Spirit’s resurrection power that enables the flesh to not rule over our hearts.

Stephen- Flesh
Datin- Holy Spirit

Believin Stephen
Who really loves me is the question that I ask (Who?)
These are my thoughts as I wrestle with my past
Since a young age, I've struggled with abandonment
Product of divorce, I guess that these are all the damages
If God loves me, then why all this insanity?
Why all of this vanity? Why doesn't He answer me? (Why?)
I wanna start a family, I can't keep on faking it
My heart keeps aching due to broken relationships!

Response 1 from Datin
I know your mom and pops split
but you cannot sit here and say they didn't love you homie stop this
I'm detecting depression but my brother Steve rest in
this truth, you were predestined
to see heaven so rejoice in your election
the Lord loves you. Its okay to ask these questions
just keep pressing in prayer , continue requesting
and according to His will He will give you each blessing

Second Part -Believin Stephen
The industry is heartless, it's really got me nauseous
Got me on some, "Aww man why'd I even start this"
Rap game is godless, so many rappers pompous
They claim that I'm hatin if I say they're immodest
So music...maybe I should stop it
It's not really like I'm out here making a profit
Who really cops it? I'm thinking bout quittin
No one would care if I made that decision

.Response 2- from Datin
What? Have you forgotten bout the testimonies
From all the people that have said your music has blessed them homie
And who cares if all the rest are phony!
The Lord has called YOU to spit the truth to these metronome beats
Not for a check but only so people would get to know thee
Lord Jesus. You are spitting this message soley
For His glory and not for people's acceptance homie
Don't even think about quitting your called to rep Him boldly

Datin Talking

See I’m a little confused at one point you were very clear on what your purpose was and what you were called to do with this gift of yours. Why the sudden change? I feel like this discouragement stems from something else.

Stephen talking:
It’s just not working for me doing it God’s way man. I might as well start tryna blow up like everyone else. I gotta take Christ’s name out my rhymes man.

Third Section- Believin Stephen

I rhyme for the Lord in my lines it is obvious
But if I talk about Him less, I’d reach a wider audience
I’ll like all the acknowledgement and boast of my accomplishments
If I leave His name out I’ll be shining with prominence
I’ve sinned so many times I know God is losing tolerance
He can’t use me, that would be propesterous
My lust, fear and selfishness is idolatry
So I know my sins dis-qualify me
Startin to wonder when I pray does he listen
He’s not answering should I be sayin it different?
So many wounds I’m scarred by heartache
At times like this, it is hard to have faith
Wondering why God allowed this to happen
Does He really care? I’m doubting when asking
If a bride God’s not blessing me with
I guess I might as well start messin with chicks

Datin Response- (16 bars)
Forget the broader audience, don't deny the call
Cause when u deny the call u deny the Lord
If your music is purchased at merchants
But it lacks purpose then them verses are worthless
So never mind the fame and your wallet size
And if you think your sin makes you disqualified
Read 1st John 1:9 see in the fathers eyes
No sin is to great just repent & apologize
Circumstances should not determine
Our contentment we find that in the God we're serving..
Steve I know you are stressing but hear me
Jesus Christ said he'll give rest to the weary
And be patient brother God will provide a bride
But don’t let marriage become something you idolize
Don't sin against him. if he is with holding it
It’s for your good, it’s better when he's in control of it

Datin Talking:
See Psalm 127:1 says if the Lord does not build the house the work of the builders is useless. So in other words your work is done in vain if it’s not God’s will.

Stephen Talking: Man I hear you I hear you, but I don’t know man. I don’t know if God’s gonna give me what I want. His promises aren’t true yo!! I don’t even know if the Bible is true man.


I hear you keep on quoting the Word
But all that Bible talk is like so on my nerves
It’s hard for me to read it, like you’re throwing a curve
The book is outdated, man you know it’s absurd
I’m starting to think God is narcissitic
I want some praise too and I got to get it
But I’m often slippin, on this walk I’m trippin
Maybe I should quit and just not be Christian
(or) My life would be easier if I was not a Christian
(Or Maybe I should live how I want and not be Christian

Datin response

Outdated? Millions are being saved today
By His word, it’s historically accurate, it never fades away
I know you’re confused and times are getting hard
But it’s now when you need to trust the promises of God
We are dust so all the praise is for Him
The one who sent His Son to pay for your sin
And you are saved by His grace alone
Not by your works, so stand firm in your faith…come home!
The Lord is waiting


from Battling Unbelief, released July 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Believin Stephen Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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