Endurance feat. Selah the Corner and Bumps INF

from by Believin Stephen

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Endurance featuring Selah the Corner and Bumps INF

Stephen Talking
We rejoice in our suffering because suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope. Hope in Christ that does not disappoint. Believin Stephen, God Over Money…Selah!!

Selah the Corner
Short days and long nights, the sinner life
Side chickin it hoping God would send a wife
Guns clappin, the heat poppin in wintertime
Everybody look like food when it’s dinnertime
I was the worst of yall villains
Wrong day probably but the hurse to yall villains
I don’t feel nuthin, fillin up the dirt with yall feelings
I don’t hear nuthin product of the curse what yall hearin
I was mad at the body bags my homies slept in
I banged quiet cuz my mom dukes was a reverend
Church splittin people givin me the side eye
So I became an alien on my sci-fi
But thank God for a praying mother
Who plead the blood of a Corner and his baby covers
I know the devil had another plan
Son of Man stopped be from being a Son of Sam
Never perfect cuz I’m still a man
And everything drop when you take a realer stand
And yea I rap but for God yo I’m still a fan
Bump that for God yo I’m still a “Stan”
Never the urge to kill a man
Fresh wind over head like a ceiling fan
Still I shed my earth’s appearance
One time for my perseverance..hold up

Scratches by DJ Average Joe
“Perseverance” “Gotta Endure”

Man I fall so many times
It’s hard to read the signs when partially I’m blind
Losing sight of Jesus tryna cross the finish line
But He’ll finish what He started cause it’s part of His design
Sin it takes it’s toll it’s interfering with my faith
Life’s a vapor, playa, everybody here and then we ain’t
Tryna make it home, the perseverance of a saint
Tryna do it on my own, but yo clearly it’s His grace
Nobody’s exempt, cuz this life it comes for all of us
Man it gets so hard to trust the only God who pardoned us
Scriptures they caution us, tellin us to watch and pray
So when temptation comes our way we don’t fall to lust
Gotta endure through these hardships
I swear it’s like I’m chillin on the floor in a mosh pit (uh!)
Feeling so defeated I give up
Headin straight fa da store for a couple bottles to sip up
But that’s no way to ease the pain,
Perpetuating the very reason that Jesus came
He died for sinners, his body injured cuz I pretended
God forgive us, I’m sloppy but better not be finished
Life is a voyage, but boy is it just so hard sometimes
We got choices and loyalty can be so hard to find
So trust in Him who was loyal to the end
Cause He died, made royalty again! Resurrected on em!

Scratches by DJ Average Joe
“Perseverance”, “Gotta Endure”

I will fight, I will climb, I will write some more rhymes
I might not get shine, but I’m like that is fine
I’m reciting my lines, because Christ is divine
He gives sight to the blind, He enlightens the mind
If you said in the past I’d rhyme for Christ, I’d be like “you gotta be kiddin”
But do you know how many times since I started that I thought about quitting
In the same way, people see me and be like “you always be lifting”
You know how many times I wanted to quit whenever I some saw affliction?
But I got a conviction to persevere through harder conditions
At times in the past, life got so bad, that I didn’t even wanna be living
The walk is hard, got all these scars, at times I didn’t even wanna be Christian
Often I’m slippin, I fall and I’m stricken, yea I thought about quitting
Thought about leaving the faith, due to grievous mistakes
Felt weak in my strength, in need of some grace
Deceived to my face and some people are snakes!
If anyone said this walk’s easy, they’re fake!
I’m feeble I break, but He is so great
It’s only by faith, He’ll let me through these gates
So I press on looking forward to eternity
God helps me fight, I don’t’ have strength internally
Can’t base everything off of appearances
Christ’s the example of what perseverance is
And it builds character, and character hope
That’s why I make songs, and I share what I wrote (wrote)

Scratches by DJ Average Joe

“Perseverance”, “Gotta Endure”
“It’s the testing of my faith”


from Battling Unbelief, released July 15, 2014
Tony Stone



all rights reserved


Believin Stephen Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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