Battling Together Interlude

from by Believin Stephen

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Stephen talking at the beginning: I made this album about battling unbelief yet if I am honest I don’t have it all together. I’ve given in to sin and doubted God way too many times. I often get convicted how I made an album about this heavy subject matter, knowing that I fall so short.

If it were up to me I would’ve quit a long time ago. It’s only by his strength that he allows me to persevere. Maybe you’re listening and ready to give up. Just remember that God is faithful to complete that good work in you that he started.

One thing I’ve found to hold true is that we can’t fight this fight of faith alone. I need other people who I can open up with. People I can be real with and confess sin to. People who will pray with me and encourage me when I’m feeling down and anxious. Let’s fight together yall!!! We’re gonna make it to the finish line! One day (we won’t have to battle anymore)-we’re gonna get to worship God together in heaven.


Sermon clips from John Piper (courtesy of Desiring God) (Clips taken from "Battling Together" and "Battling Despondency" sermons on

We must gather together to strengthen each others confidence in the promises of God. We must stir up hope in the promises of God. We must help each other fight unbelief! So that if you detect the marks of unbelief in somebody’s heart you develop strategies and weapons and warfare, and ways of love to help them beat back the unbelief of their heart and stir up belief.

God has made us a people. He hasn’t made us scattered individuals. He’s made us a family, a body, a comradeship. And he has not designed the church to lose. Nothing will prevail against the church. We will be victorious! But one of the ways we will be victorious is by gathering in smaller platoons, if you like the military image.

What is sin is not to do what Jesus did when the bomb fell in the Garden of Gethsethmete. That’s sin. Sin is yielding to depression. Sin is not taking the armor of God. Sin is not waging spiritual warfare. Jesus shows us another way. It’s not painless but it’s not passive either.
1. Find your trusted friends? Who are they? Who are your inner ring?
2. Open your soul to them.
3. Ask them to fight with you, to wage war with you, to support you, to watch with you and to pray with you.
4. Pour out your soul to the Father.
5. Rest in the sovereignty of His wisdom.


from Battling Unbelief, released July 15, 2014
Big Juice John Piper



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Believin Stephen Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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