Battling Unbelief

by Believin Stephen


Believin Stephen Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Intro (Are You Gonna Fight?)
Stephen's Prayer

Dear God, O Father I need you! Dear God I need you!

Right now I’m struggling

Intervene Father! Intervene!

Hear my cry!

Nothing’s going my way! I’m suffering during this season of trials.
I’m prone to go astray. I’m to prone to forget your goodness and doubt your promises.

I do believe, please help my unbelief!!

Samples from John Piper's Sermon Series "Battling Unbelief" from

The series that we begin today is called “Battling Unbelief."
All sinning whether attidunal or in behavior comes from one thing- the promises of God.
The tap root out of which sprouts all the weeds of sin is the tap root of unbelief in the promises of God.
Let me list some sins off for you to show you what I mean. Anxiety, misplaced shame, indifference, regret, covetousness, envy, lust, bitterness, impatience, despondency, pride; all of these are sprouts that grow from the tap root of unbelief in the promises of God.

We might as well close up shop if we’re not the type of people that have learned day by day to battle unbelief that threatens to grow like a root in our heart every day and to fight the fight of faith and to be victorious as we trust God’s promises.

The battle is serious. It is not war games. It’s real warfare with heaven and hell at stake. In other words, the most basic battle that everybody in this room fights everyday is the battle against unbelief.

The issue is how are you going to deal with it? Are you gonna fight? Or are you going to cave?

Stephen Verse
Fighting the battle, Christ won the war
Carry my shield, and fight with my sword
But inside my mind, there is a war
Sometimes I’m torn because I am impure
Will I hide from the Lord or seek His presence
He’s near to me, yet He’s transcendent
Will I yield to the flesh or yield to the Spirit
This is the battle revealed through lyrics or this is my heart revealed through lyrics
Battling sin and trust there’s plenty
Battling pride and lust and envy
My heart’s deceitful, dark and evil
Tearing me apart like Smiegel
This battle’s not against flesh and blood
Verse spiritual forces I wrestle much
Can you relate on this path with me
Then let us battle unbelief!!
Track Name: Don't Be Afraid (Battling Fear)
First Verse

I’m in the paralysis of analysis
Like how is that God’s allowing this?
Losing my grip from the callouses, I know my thoughts are cowardice
It’s so real, it’s not counterfeit, feel like I’m losing sanity
Yelling all is vanity, as I shake my head and I pound my fist
I’m aware that I am finite, my limitations are clear
I’m desiring to steer when tribulations appear
Should be giving God the wheel, when situations not clear
Feel like I’m getting scared with intimidation and fear
I’ve suffered pain and misery, I am afraid it’s killing me
With all this negativity, it feels like Satan’s tricking me
Behaving in iniquity, how can I say it’s ministry
How can I tame the enemy?, he gave me the ability
So I’m praying instantly, persisting on my knees
In James you’ll see the remedy, resist him and he’ll flee
Consistency is key, He gives the assistance that I need
Christ indeed did bleed, victory He did it for me!!

HOOK: (From Sample) O Peter, don’t be afraid
Don’t be afraid Nah
Don’t be afraid Nah
Don’t be afraid bro
Don’t be afraid sis

Second Verse

Tell me how can I maintain, when all I know is pain?
Everyday it’s rain, hittin on my window pain
How can I sustain, with all this madness on my brain
Don’t wanna just complain, something really needs to change
Feeling so deranged with my perception of reality
Battling these lies and correcting all these fallacies
Inside my mind, I find I must address them with audacity
And put em to rest, to put em to death, just like a casuality
So “if you deal with fear” is a question you are asking me
The answer’s “Yes”, sometimes my stress feels like a catastrophe
And when I turn to sin it’s just a coping mechanism
I feel broken when I’m sinning, and I’m noticing conviction
Why’d I go with the decision to reopen my addiction
I felt hopeless in my living, but I know that as Christian
The circumstances I’m given, are clearly not permanent
This helping with my thinking, fighting fear and discouragement
We can’t predict the future, so we live with uncertainty
God is giving peace, I know I’ll live for eternity!!

HOOK: (From Sample) O Peter, don’t be afraid
Don’t be afraid Nah
Don’t be afraid Nah
Don’t be afraid bro
Don’t be afraid sis

Third Verse

Jesus is our model, always talking to the Father
Let’s take a look at the story when He’s walking on the water
He dismissed the crowds after He fed all of the thousands
He wanted them to bounce so He could pray up on the mountain
The disciples went ahead and they were sailing on the boat
They saw Jesus walk on water, and they’d say it a ghost
But Jesus spoke to them, and said “don’t be afraid”
It is me the Lord, I’m the one who keeps you safe
Peter said, “Lord please command me out to sea?”
Jesus told him, “Come to me”, and we witness Peter’s faith
He was walking on the water, all of a sudden doubtfully
He saw the winds, became afraid, then he began to sank
He took his eyes off Christ, then he uttered out a shout
“Lord save me”……why did you begin to doubt?
Christ rescued him, then the wind began to cease
He calmed the storm, He’s Son of God and also prince of peace !!

HOOK: (From Sample) O Peter, don’t be afraid
Don’t be afraid Nah
Don’t be afraid Nah
Don’t be afraid bro
Don’t be afraid sis

If you fight against fear then you can stand up
If you fight against fear then you can stand up
If you fight against fear then get your hands up
If you fight against fear then get your hands up
Stand up, hands up, stand up, hands up,
Hands up, Hands up!
Track Name: Help Us Believe feat. JEREMIAH BLIGEN
Help us Believe feat. Jeremiah Bligen

Scratches at beginning by DJ Average Joe

“I do believe please help my unbelief” from Calm One ft. Stay Humble “Rapaprayer” song

First Verse
I complain too much, I don’t praise enough
I hate this stuff, don’t like feeling like my ways are stuck
(So) I’m sending prayers up, evening and daily bruh
It’s been 11 years since I last did take a puff
Haven’t smoked weed in that long, I gave it up
Asking God why I can’t do the same with lust?
O you relate too? Homie ain’t it tough?
I know He offers help, why am I afraid to trust
Tryna break free from the grip of Satan’s clutch
The images don’t love me, they really hate my guts
It’s all a mirage, in fact the wackest lie’s
That I could be satisfied, apart from God
(Fast) That is an illusion, that is only bringing confusion
Sin’s a decoy, doesn’t bring real joy, it always leaves me losing
What’s the solution? it’s consistently pursuing
And choosing Jesus Christ, and doing what He’s approving

HOOK – Jeremiah Bligen
We are, in this broken world, we war
So we crawl
to you whose word set up the stars
When sin gets hard to fend off
we need your strength to press on
Help us stand and fear no man,
believe your truth will mend all
Help us believe

Second Verse
I hate being wrong, I am a perfectionist
Wanna do right but I’ma specialist at wreckin it
I’m just being honest, no I’m not a pessimist
I just know there’s evidence, that shows that I’m not excellent
Instead of guilty sentences I have been accredited
With Christ’s righteousness, check the Old and the New Testaments
Yea check the scrolls, I need self-control
To focus on heavenly things and not temp-or-al
Without faith it’s impossible to please Him
God’s a rewarder of people who seek Him
In my weakest season (of grieving) do I believe Him?”
Reasons for believing but evil one is deceiving
So will I believe God is who He says He is?
And be His representative, and quit being so tentative (punch)
To trust in God’s promises, that He gave as our bread to live
Help me be attentative to your grace that’s measureless

HOOK – Jeremiah Bligen
We are, in this broken world, we war
So we crawl
to you whose word set up the stars
When sin gets hard to fend off
we need your strength to press on
Help us stand and fear no man,
believe your truth will mend all
Help us believe

Third Verse
We thirst for attention, get hurt from rejection
It furthers our depression we turn to aggression
What’s worse is oppression, get jerked by deception
(All ) this mess brings stress, what’s our purpose and direction?
Are you disturbed by that question?
We should please God, not man are we learning our lesson?
Lord, please switch up my aim from always pleasing people
To aim to please you, help me to be fleeing evil
Our whole lives we fight for approval
Of different people and don’t like it’s removal
Or it’s refusal, but our fighting’s futile
(cause) The acceptance master is a tyrant so brutal
This life now’s not the destination for settling
It’s more like our preparation for heaven
Many live this life for the here and now
Disappointed, but still they appear to smile
If we kept it real, we really fear the trials
But God sent His only Son, the dearest child
We yearn for significance, earning more dividends
You want an idol? Just go search on the internet
We’re worshipping ignorance, it’s hurting our intellect
No person is innocent, let’s work towards deliverance (PUNCH)
With eyes on the cross, Christ died for the lost
His life was the cost, now I have been bought!

HOOK – by Jeremiah Bligen
We are, in this broken world, we war
So we crawl
to you whose word set up the stars
When sin gets hard to fend off
we need your strength to press on
Help us stand and fear no man,
believe your truth will mend all
Help us believe

Ending Bridge by Jeremiah Bligen
Singing - Help Us to Believe
No matter the weather,
Your spirit, it carries us on,
Through valleys and mountains
In weakness you prove you are strong,
In every endeavor
Big small or whatever,
your Palm ,
Carries us,
Strengthen our faith to,
Trust through it all
Track Name: Battle for Contentment
Copywrite on the beat

These are some things I wrestle with as I strive for contentment as an artist.

First Verse
Can I be honest? Give you transparency?
These are things I battle with as I share and MC
I’m an Indie rapper, in a small market
Admit I saw hardship, fam, it’s been a factor
I’m in a different chapter, it used to be , I’d go to shows
All they’d know is I’m the bro of Timothy Brindle after
He put out Great Awakening in 2003 (classic)
I was writing on the low but silent indeed
2004, I started to do concerts and shows
Gradually a small fanbase started to grow
Tim’s one of the best to do it, so the standard is high
I wanna be the best I can, at least I plan to try
No, I’m not signed to a label but people assume that I am
Forget the lies and the fables, I’ll tell you the truth where I stand
I’m not on Lamp Mode, but love em, and we’ve done music and jams
I’m truly a fan, of their work, I’m down with the whole crew and the clan
Was never asked to join and so I just started my own (Gametime)
Then Josue took a break and was pausing from shows
You seen me at events? I was probably alone
Then working at my job so much, I hardly was home
No time for jottin the poems, my thoughts would just rome
But never thought all of these struggles would cause me to grow
The label didn’t quite pop off, like how I had thought
But I ain’t gonna quit, nah, that’s not how I was taught
Yea I have supporters but no major co-signs
But that just keeps me hungry, I’m making more rhymes
Tryna battle all these fears, and balance my career
Crying out, even if God is silent He hears
Came in the game underground, and I love that sound
But I like to change it up and be versatile
I know some people wish the music would just stay the same
I’m growing as an artist, but still stay in my lane
I’ve put out projects, does anybody care
What is the point? Should I continue to share?
Or should I quit? And Throw my stuff in the sewer (or is my stuff manure)
God gave me a gift need to be a good steward

So why you rhyme for Christ? I’ll answer why
My Savior, the Creator came as a man and died
I cannot lie, when I analyze the facts
I’ll never have the power to cancel out His wrath (40 bars)

“These are things I battle with… I share and MC”

Second Verse
You may have seen at some shows, I was actin all friendly
Little did you know my heart was so sad and it’s heavy
On top of that, inside I was battling envy
You want me to explain? Ok I’m actually ready
The practice is deadly I wrestle with contentment
On the microphone, I intend to be impressive
I tend to be aggressive, but then I’m getting jealous
When cats with less skill, get more shine, what are my intentions?
Need to man up, forget extended adolescence
I really need to pray to Him, I’m treasuring His presence
When it’s tough, will I delight in the wilderness
Fighting the bitterness, striving with diligence
Asking myself what’s my real motivation
Is it to grow and praise Him, and make Him to known to nations
Or am I cool with just having some associations
Am I after His glory, or my own admiration?
The compliments can really boost your confidence
Making you puffed up, before you can acknowledge it
Start loving prominence and trusting accomplishments
We love bein at the top, and covet dominance
What is the consequence? Pride of life and godlessness
conviction starts to set in, and it bugs our consciouses
Until we stop the sin, repent, and run to providence
If we don’t get the glory we feel what despondence is
And feelin down if we don’t like how the response has been
We need to stop worrying and trust His promises
As an artist it’s easy to fall into temptation
Pride or self-pity are the traps we’re often facin
Are people sleeping? Or are people hatin?
They ain’t even peepin? I’m needing patience
You love my music? Gives me a great sensation
Oh you don’t like it? Now I’m feeling devestation
That’s the honest highs and lows of putting out music
Sometimes it feels dope, other times it feels useless
So why do I do this? You really wanna know?
I write for people who’re in pain and to offer hope
And if I only reach a few of the people hurtin
I’ma keep on making songs, cause to me it’s worth it
And if I only reach a few of the people hurtin
I’ma keep on making songs, cause to me it’s worth it

“I wrestle with contentment”
“I wrestle with contentment”

“These are things I battle with as I share and MC”

Sample- Sermon by Beau Hughes “Learning Contentment” from Village Church App
Track Name: Endurance feat. Selah the Corner and Bumps INF
Endurance featuring Selah the Corner and Bumps INF

Stephen Talking
We rejoice in our suffering because suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope. Hope in Christ that does not disappoint. Believin Stephen, God Over Money…Selah!!

Selah the Corner
Short days and long nights, the sinner life
Side chickin it hoping God would send a wife
Guns clappin, the heat poppin in wintertime
Everybody look like food when it’s dinnertime
I was the worst of yall villains
Wrong day probably but the hurse to yall villains
I don’t feel nuthin, fillin up the dirt with yall feelings
I don’t hear nuthin product of the curse what yall hearin
I was mad at the body bags my homies slept in
I banged quiet cuz my mom dukes was a reverend
Church splittin people givin me the side eye
So I became an alien on my sci-fi
But thank God for a praying mother
Who plead the blood of a Corner and his baby covers
I know the devil had another plan
Son of Man stopped be from being a Son of Sam
Never perfect cuz I’m still a man
And everything drop when you take a realer stand
And yea I rap but for God yo I’m still a fan
Bump that for God yo I’m still a “Stan”
Never the urge to kill a man
Fresh wind over head like a ceiling fan
Still I shed my earth’s appearance
One time for my perseverance..hold up

Scratches by DJ Average Joe
“Perseverance” “Gotta Endure”

Man I fall so many times
It’s hard to read the signs when partially I’m blind
Losing sight of Jesus tryna cross the finish line
But He’ll finish what He started cause it’s part of His design
Sin it takes it’s toll it’s interfering with my faith
Life’s a vapor, playa, everybody here and then we ain’t
Tryna make it home, the perseverance of a saint
Tryna do it on my own, but yo clearly it’s His grace
Nobody’s exempt, cuz this life it comes for all of us
Man it gets so hard to trust the only God who pardoned us
Scriptures they caution us, tellin us to watch and pray
So when temptation comes our way we don’t fall to lust
Gotta endure through these hardships
I swear it’s like I’m chillin on the floor in a mosh pit (uh!)
Feeling so defeated I give up
Headin straight fa da store for a couple bottles to sip up
But that’s no way to ease the pain,
Perpetuating the very reason that Jesus came
He died for sinners, his body injured cuz I pretended
God forgive us, I’m sloppy but better not be finished
Life is a voyage, but boy is it just so hard sometimes
We got choices and loyalty can be so hard to find
So trust in Him who was loyal to the end
Cause He died, made royalty again! Resurrected on em!

Scratches by DJ Average Joe
“Perseverance”, “Gotta Endure”

I will fight, I will climb, I will write some more rhymes
I might not get shine, but I’m like that is fine
I’m reciting my lines, because Christ is divine
He gives sight to the blind, He enlightens the mind
If you said in the past I’d rhyme for Christ, I’d be like “you gotta be kiddin”
But do you know how many times since I started that I thought about quitting
In the same way, people see me and be like “you always be lifting”
You know how many times I wanted to quit whenever I some saw affliction?
But I got a conviction to persevere through harder conditions
At times in the past, life got so bad, that I didn’t even wanna be living
The walk is hard, got all these scars, at times I didn’t even wanna be Christian
Often I’m slippin, I fall and I’m stricken, yea I thought about quitting
Thought about leaving the faith, due to grievous mistakes
Felt weak in my strength, in need of some grace
Deceived to my face and some people are snakes!
If anyone said this walk’s easy, they’re fake!
I’m feeble I break, but He is so great
It’s only by faith, He’ll let me through these gates
So I press on looking forward to eternity
God helps me fight, I don’t’ have strength internally
Can’t base everything off of appearances
Christ’s the example of what perseverance is
And it builds character, and character hope
That’s why I make songs, and I share what I wrote (wrote)

Scratches by DJ Average Joe

“Perseverance”, “Gotta Endure”
“It’s the testing of my faith”
Track Name: Picking up the Pieces feat. Average Joe
Scratches by DJ Average Joe
Sample from Thirstin Howell III

“The pain it won’t go away”
“Why it hurt like this? It hurts like this!”

First Verse

I feel confused, it’s true and also feel perplexed
I feel so used, I do, and also feel depressed
It is through, who knew I’d be getting so vexed
I did pursue you approved, but now it is a mess
I’m tryna view from your shoes and show you that respect
Looking for clues as I move to make some points connect
All the lies and times you didn’t tell me the truth
Reside inside my mind, but I fell in love with you
I was skeptical but still wanted to believe
You were telling the truth I got so deceived
I was betrayed, feel dismay the pain won’t go away
And so I pray everyday God help me to sustain
We were looking at rings thought you would be my wife
I am hurt and it stings, feeling so much strife
Love is tricky, yea love is risky
That’s why wisdom says don’t fall in love too quickly

Hook by Average Joe (Repeated 2x)
My heart is broke
But my God gives hope

Second Verse

When we were together I was elated
I loved the time we spent with each other when we dated
Said, “I love you” everyday, but did she fake it?
My heart isn’t broken, it’s been cre-mated
Yea burning in ashes so I urgently ask this
Can Jesus Christ relate? He took thirty-nine lashes
I’m sick of the games and I’m tired of nonsense
I’m sick of the pain and I’m tryin to stop this
Is this something on my own that I can accomplish?
Naw I need help, that’s something I highly acknowledge
I look to Christ, he was a man acquainted with grief
His yoke is easy, burden light, He came to give peace
He was denied by Peter, he was betrayed by Judas
So I know He can relate and help me get through this
Wanna respond like Joseph, wanna respond like Jesus
This ain’t easy cause my heart is shattered into pieces

Hook by Average Joe (Repeated 2x)
My heart is broke
But my God gives hope

Third Verse

In the Word it says hope deferred makes the heart sick
Sometimes I feel like Job, it’s like I’m Satan’s target
But the Lord gives and He also takes away
I know He’ll answer my cries, so I wait and pray
I pray for your heart, and also pray for mine
I pray for peace and healing, may His grace provide
He closed the door when I never wanted it to shut
He’s working this for good, in His promises I trust
I asked the Lord to search my heart and He showed me a rival
I wanted it so bad I know that it became an idol
Throughout all this, I can’t say I’ve been a blameless friend
Plus I’ve sinned against God, I’ve done the same to Him
Although my sins are many, I’ve done wicked plenty
I’ve betrayed God, yet He forgives and cleanse me
I feel so dissed too, but I know what is true
Despite all of that know I do forgive you

HOOK by Average Joe (Repeated 2x)
My heart is broke
But my God gives hope
Track Name: Cast My Cares (Battling Despondency)
When I go through tough times I’m learning to lean on the Father and tell him everything that I’m going through instead of trying to do everything in my own strength.

Psalm 55:22 says, “Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.”

First Verse

I’m a strength coach, help athletes in the weight room
That’s my full time, on the side I make tunes
Powerlifting- I’m nationally ranked
Ah, he’s gonna boast? Naw, actually I ain’t
Cause everything I have, I have to give thanks
It’s only by grace I don’t collapse and break
I might look strong, but that’s kinda ironic
Cuz I am weak without Christ if I’m honest
Spiritually, plus physically I get my strength from Him
I know I let Him down when I fall so I hate my sin
Without sustaining grace, I’d fall straight on my face
Unable to pace on this walk with no strength with weights
Are you getting the clue? I’m not better than you
I’ve done worse things than you ever could do
I deserve to burn in hell forever, my dude
Sayin I’m a good person could never be true
You wish you were good enough, and so you aim to try
But God chose what is weak here to shame the wise
Thinking we’re good people is the greatest lie!
We’re jacked up and sinful, that’s why Christ came to die
He ached and cried, relates to my pain inside
Never sinned once, even though Satan tried (to make him fall)
Was obedient to death and then he’d later rise
Now I try to copy Christ like I plagiarized

HOOK (Repeated 2x)
In this season things keep on getting harder
And so I keep going back to the Father
And I cast my cars, I cast my cares
Because I know He cares

Second Verse

Every woman who said they loved me, left me
Except my mom, no wonder my heart’s heavy
It seems it never goes right, like a lefty
This stretched me, but still God blessed me
I’m broken hearted, but yet still wanna grow regardless
Tryna protect my heart more now, so I guard it
After what I been through, how am I suppose to feel?
With so many fakes how can I know who’s real?
But I’m fighting self-pity I’m tryna grow and heal
I cast my cares on the Lord, and I go and kneel
Yea I pray to my Father, I’ll never bow to Satan
It’s a test, when I’m faced with these allegations
In this mess, my flesh wants retaliation
Thoughts of punishing them in my imagination
I know I must forgive them for these aggravations
I can’t depend on a person for my validation --- 16 bars
I’m married to the pain, and I’m carrying the shame
Am I to blame? This ain’t fair it should change
If you were in my shoes, then you might cry too
You might not like to, but you find this true

HOOK (Repeated 2x)
In this season things keep on getting harder
And so I keep going back to the Father
And I cast my cars, I cast my cares
Because I know He cares

Third Verse

I feel like a second class Christian
Cause when I say I'm not married they act different
It seems like God’s blessing all my peers
With godly wives, where’s mine? I’m wrestling my fears
Been praying now for one for like several years
Will it always end likes this? Me shedding tears
Gotta check my heart when I feel jealous hatin,
When friends get engaged I should be celebratin – 24 bars
While I’m waiting, I’m aware of sin
I’m prone to the danger of comparison
If God sent His only Son to pay for our sins
Won’t He give us with grace all things?
We have not cause we ask not, need to know this
If we ask and don’t have, gotta check our motives
The enemy tries to tell me that God is lying
Because He hasn’t done things (according) or on my timing
Our visions blurred, we just see a little flicker
God sees the end and the bigger picture
It’ll make sense when we get to the end
All God’s promises are YES and AMEN – 20

HOOK (Repeated 2x)
In this season things keep on getting harder
And so I keep going back to the Father
And I cast my cars, I cast my cares
Because I know He cares
Track Name: He Has Made Me Clean feat. Martay
Please Jesus, make me clean (Sample from R.C. Sproul sermon courtesy of Ligonier Ministries)

First Verse
I was told that cats were rude and you that hurt my pride
But God changed my attitude, cleansed me just like peroxide
I don't wanna battle dudes, all they do is worship lies
I just wanna rap for you, I'm lovin how you serve your bride
You said all I have to do, is repent and believe
So I give you gratitude, thank ya Father you sent your seed
I used to reject the truth, I'm not worthy less than poop
I was cynical, critical then I had to go collect the proof
How could I have questioned you? You called me effectual
Search my heart, inspect the fruit, help me to accept reproof
I am sinful check the root, help me to address the youth
I praise you God all blessings due, I eat your Word, your text my food
I know that these peeps are hurtin, so I'm preachin cause it's urgent
You cleansed me just like detergent, so I weep I need to worship
I am evil should be burnin, I fall often but He's workin
He purges hearts he's the surgeon, took God's wrath go see the curtain!

Hook- feat. Martay
You have made me clean (drawn out) 4x
Jesus...lamb of God...worthy is your name!! 2x

Second Verse

I'm tryin to watch my mouth, sorta like a hygenist
So Lord please wash it out, sorta like my dentist
I was with the enemy, and was sick with leprosy
Not listenin my tendancy, was livin in this jeopardy
Christ was hit remembered me, was killed for all my treachery
He's givin me my destiny to give out this legacy!
I am weak but you are strong, I sin deep I know I am wrong
So now I can get in free, cuz Christ paid my cover charge!
Christ was meek but He's strong, I am needy , hear my song
Jesus is the remedy, best believe I'm loving God
I am searchin for the quote, it's my purpose to promote
Jesus Christ, He gives life, cleansed me like Murphy's Oil Soap
I feel like I'm worse than pagan, I fell into fornication
And also the porn was blatant, there's much more I could be sayin
I worship, the Lord is patient, He's loves me he's surely gracious
That's why I adore his greatness, (so) keep me low subordination

Hook- feat. Martay
You have made me clean (drawn out) 4x
Jesus...lamb of God...worthy is your name!! 2x

Third Verse

There’s battles inside, I’m battling pride, I’m battling lies, askin Him WHY?!
The battle is tough, I’m battling lust, I have to just trust that God is enough
If I dwell on His word, the devil were swerve, plus be up I’m in fellowship sir
It’s a pleasure to serve, In hell I should burn, because I’ve been rebellious since birth
I fight but I’m flawed, I’m trying so hard, keep pressin on despite all the odds
I’m striving for God with my time and my thoughts, plus I wanna delight in His law
I’m dirty, unworthy, by faith I’m redeemed, I have been purchased now play for His team
His mercy is surely now making me clean, I’m so undeserving, He’s faithful to me!
To battle unbelief we must repent on the daily
We sin every single day so often it is crazy
Guilt and shame will fill my brain, if I don’t confess my sins
I’d feel insane, but will I change? Thank God he is cleansing them
I’ve been forgiven for all my sinning was wrong but repented
No longer tormented,
a marvelous feeling cuz God’s not condemning it’s awesome I’m living but longin for heaven
Obviously winning, you got to be kidding, I don’t know how God could call us his children
And offer us friendship, and promise fulfillment, when all we have done has been lawless and wicked

Hook- feat. Martay
You have made me clean (drawn out) 4x
Jesus...lamb of God...worthy is your name!! 2x
Track Name: Promised Land feat. Amber Anderson
First Verse

I know that God is sovereign, I don’t need to be in control
I read and see in His scrolls, He’s bringing peace to my soul
He rules and reigns over everything, He’s keeping me till I’m old
I went astray but now I’m saved, was incomplete but now whole
False teachers in these pulpits, can’t believe all that you are told
I’m not seeking after that gold, they misleadin people they fools
Being selfish is the norm, man I fell again into porn
Conviction pierced my heart it started to melt like when it gets warm
God knows me plus He chose me, yea it was well before I was born
I run to Him, my covering, (He’s) my shelter up in the storm
I suppose everyone knows, that lust and pride are not right
So how does dirty sinful man get justified in God’s sight?
Tryin by works will drive ya bezerk, cause ya sin remains
Only by grace through faith is how salvation is obtained
God must punish sin, that’s why Christ on the cross did hang
Took the wrath that we deserve, (suffered)much affliction and pain

HOOK feat. Amber Anderson (written by Tragic Hero)
I’m going to the promised land
I don’t even know how I got another chance
All I know is I’ve been running from the start
You’re the One I follow
Going through some harder days
I don’t know about tomorrow
But I’m going to the promised land
I don’t even know how I got another chance
In the end it might be no one (else)
But my life keeps going, my life keeps going.

Second Verse

I am slipping yet again, feel conviction from the sin
I’m still pickin up my pen to write, I’m spittin and Christian
I’m like will it ever end? Getting sick of affliction
This fight of faith is similar to lifting in the gym
You set your goals, you wanna get swole, and now you hype to go lift
You feel so ready, but the weight feels heavy, and then you feel like you should go quit
If you get through the pain, you’ll know you’ll see gains, if you fight just a bit
Believe me it won’t be easy, but if you pay the price you will get
Results in the end, not from following trends, but by going hard in the gym
You’re stronger than when you started, all of your friends, you’re more brolic than them
You coulda sat on the couch but you lifted weights instead
The last few reps of you’re last set made your face turn red
I know trials make us stronger even though we hate the trauma
God’s timing’s always perfect, even if it takes us longer
When you make it through the drama it increases faith and honor
So when snakes will come to harm ya, it’s harder to break your armor

HOOK feat. Amber Anderson (written by Tragic Hero)
I’m going to the promised land
I don’t even know how I got another chance
All I know is I’ve been running from the start
You’re the One I follow
Going through some harder days
I don’t know about tomorrow
But I’m going to the promised land
I don’t even know how I got another chance
In the end it might be no one (else)
But my life keeps going, my life keeps going.

Third Verse

Many times things don’t happen the way you thought it would go
It feels awful man I know, but these trials cause us to grow
Stop and pray for sure (sho), but sometimes the Father says No!
You’ll see Christ’s footprints next to you if you walk in the snow
No you’re not alone, not even if He seems distant
God’s making us grow, by increasing the resistance
Simply trust His word, don’t need to speak it to existence
I’m needing some assistance, on my knees with much persistence (praying)
I know that God loves me but do I believe in Him this instant?
It’s one thing to say it’s another to live it, he’s teaching me the difference
Before I condemn, must look in the mirror, I’m shook with this fear, it’s pushing me near
The edge of my chair, it took me some years, to see that He cares, in the book it is clear
I’m battling unbelief plus I keep on fighting the doubt
God’s answered me so many times, man I’m trying to count
It ’s a frightening amount, how could I deny the account?
Of Christ? He gave me life, so He’s who I’m rhyming about!!!

Sermon Clips from Pastor Curtis Dunlap of Epiphany Fellowship

The end goal wasn’t the land itself. The end goal was the type of people God wanted them to be when they got to the land. And so there was a purposefulness with which God moved them through the wilderness. God had to take that time of isolation, and wandering to make them a holy people.
The end goal was the type of people God wanted them to be when they got to the land _ 18:40-19:20
Track Name: God's Promises
To battle unbelief I must believe in his promises
God keeps His word so I receive them with confidence
They’re true and they’re factual, so use them they’re practical
It’s errors can’t be found like teachers who do a sabbatical
I might weep in the night, but joy comes in the morning
When I wait on the Lord, he gives me wings like eagles above that are soaring
God will supply all of your needs and this is according
To his riches and glory, we need to take heed, (cuz) that’s something important
The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, who hate their sin,
And have faith in Him like Abraham and pray to Him
Their days won’t end, he’s saving men and taking them to make em like Christ
Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life
This doesn’t mean we won’t suffer because Christ promised we will
But in the midst of the pain, we can know He is God and be still
And no matter what happens all things are working for good
He won’t leave or forsake me when other persons they would
No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly
His grace is sufficient, when I’m anxious and timid, the Father is mighty
He always is with me, and He knows what I need
Sacrificed his son for us and so He did bleed
He said we’ll rise with Him, and He who promised is faithful
With Him, nothing’s impossible because my God, He is able
He’ll wipe away our tears, in heaven we’ll be worshipping Christ
With ecstatic joy, the promise he made to us is…eternal life!!
Track Name: Around the World
One of the ways we battle unbelief is through worship. How bangin is it that we can worship God with all types of people, all around the world!

First Verse
I been on many planes, trains and automobiles
One thing I’ve seen plain, is my God is so real
Man’s heart is so ugly, but God is so lovely
He saves people to praise Him, regardless of country
There’s no superior race, combat that fallacy
God has people of all nationalities!
He has a heart for the nations, I’m starting to praise Him
In awe of creation, my God is amazing
(He) should be slaughterin pagans, but He offers salvation
It’s causing elation, we got to be thankin
How come? Because the cross brings hope
And God saves people across the globe
That’s why we got to go, cause the lost should know
With faith in Christ, all things are possible
The church is multi-ethnic, yes this it is factual
Christ’s taking over the world, so international!

Scratches by DJ Average Joe

Been around the world .. with God’s promise
He’ll never let you down .. cause God’s got us

Second Verse
Different forms of poverty, all kinds of economies
Christ’s the only way, not giving an apology (or sorry no apology)
They wear different clothes, drive different cars
Everywhere I been, they all still need God
They eat different foods, say different words
We all need Christ, man forget what you heard
Get what we deserve? That would be burning sulfur
One thing I’ve learned from seeing different cultures
We all sin, but it’s in different ways
It’s all against God, so it’s actually the same
Sinning comes easily, we don’t need rehearsal
But the gospel has power, and it’s universal
This is reflecting a glimpse of heaven
You’ll see all races when you get to get in
And the cross is the intersection
That brings us together in heaven, it’s a blessing

Scratches by DJ Average Joe

Been around the world (with God’s promise)
He’ll never let you down --- (cause God’s got us )

Third Verse
I’m amazed by it, He’s arranging this
I’ve seen saints praise Him in different languages
He changes men, savin them, Danish kin,
Arabians, plus Jamaicans and..
Caucasian men, Asian friends
Romanians, Malaysians, and Mediterraneans
Christ paid for sin, and did raise again
He’s savin men, no matter their race or skin
We’ll get to reign with Him
God loves all races, get that through your cranium
We’re all one in Christ, there is no distinction
We’re united together, there is NO division!
All types of people so many to distinguish
Praise Him in Polish, praise Him in English
Praise Him in French, praise Him in Chinese
Praise Him in Spanish, or praise Him with rhyme schemes!

Scratches by DJ Average Joe

Been around the world .. with God’s promise
He’ll never let you down ..cause God’s got us
Track Name: Voices feat. ThaKidd Jopp
Voices- Believin Stephen featuring. ThaKidd Jopp
For the Battling Unbelief Album
Beat- Profound- “Spirit”

Each day there are many different voices competing for our attention. The question is Who will you listen to? Who will I listen to?

First Verse- Believin Stephen

No matter where I go I feel I get surrounded
By so many voices man I’m getting hounded
Relationship quotes up on Instagram
Twitter beef tellin me I should kill a man (punch)
Take looks at Facebook, they’re having the time of their lives
Nah, it took me some time to realize that is a lie
I scrolled down some more, I saw more people ventin
Our cultures brainwashed, man we need repentance
Everywhere I turn in each and every direction
They’re telling me how to live , Lord I need protection
There’s no where to go so I’ m claustrophobic
When they give false advice…it’s an awkward moment
I often show it, like “c’mon you’re joking”
They say my God is weak, but He’s omni-potent!
We battle lies from the world, the flesh, and the devil
Everyday it’s a fight and so yes I do wrestle
Rappers say if I get rich and some whips I am cool
I saw their video, they had these (bad) chicks by the pool (punch)
They looked attractive, the vid had guns and action
Is that what I really need to have satisfaction?
Movies say I’ll have power if I’m acting violent
Companies selling lies in their advertisements
They say “just buy it”, -you’ll be happy for sure
You ever notice, you gotta go back asking for more?

So many voices, so many choices, so many voices
Who do I believe?
So many voices, so many choices, so many voices
What do I believe
So many voices, so many choices, so many voices
Who do you believe
So many voices, so many choices, so many voices
What do you believe?

Second Verse – Stephen

The world says praise creation and not the creator
How you think that makes God feel when He is the maker?
They say He don’t exist…but take a look at nature
I already know you probably think I’m a hater
I’m just showing love so you won’t face judgment later
You’re scared to come to Christ because they’ll call you a traitor
Plus you’ll be going against family tradition
So you know that if you take that stand as a Christian
It’ll make members of your family LIVID
If you deny Him before men then and you are timid
He will deny you homie, and then you’ll be wishing
You could’ve come to Him, that’s why I’m a man on a mission
Cause man is so wicked and he’s afraid of change
Despite the pain, he wants to stay the same
If you live for Christ your friends might call you a loser
Who’s the loser? When all of your future
Is filled with joy and you get to get into heaven
Your friends thought they were good that won’t get them let in
Works-based salvation and plus humanism
Are faulty teachings, even confusing Christians
The world’s system is real wack but so is my flesh
I’m my biggest enemy, gotta put it to death
It’s so selfish, it wants God off of the throne
The more you feed it, the more you’ll cause it to grow!

So many voices, so many choices, so many voices
Who do I believe?
So many voices, so many choices, so many voices
What do I believe
So many voices, so many choices, so many voices
Who do you believe
So many voices, so many choices, so many voices
What do you believe?

Third Verse- ThaKidd Jopp
I’ve contemplated honestly if this topic is worth mentioning
The devil’s playin tricks on the minds, he works mentally
Silly rabbit I know he’s at it to work sinfully to finish me
Make me stagnant trying to hurt ministry
Nowadays the TV screen is what be killin me
Prayer is the remedy won’t stand a chance literally
Satan roars around like a lion destroying physically
So I gotta Voice my concerns …Curt Kennedy (Voice)
It’s bigger than CNN and what you see up on the news
Don’t be confused , these lies aren’t coming from that man that’s in the suit
That’s why we need to seek the truth, don’t be deceived by these lies
The media be feeding you, because that’s just a disguise
Since the beginning there was enmity, but praise be to God
Who sent His son to crush the enemy and made me alive
Now I’m in a new season not talking Old Bay
Christ is the only reason that I can obey! .. Let’s Go!!

So many voices, so many choices, so many voices
Who do I believe?
So many voices, so many choices, so many voices
What do I believe
So many voices, so many choices, so many voices
Who do you believe
So many voices, so many choices, so many voices
What do you believe?
Track Name: Mind Wars feat. Datin
Mind Wars ft. Datin

Timothy Introduces Song (4 bars)
Believers compete against many different voices daily, but it’s only being led by God’s word and the Spirit’s resurrection power that enables the flesh to not rule over our hearts.

Stephen- Flesh
Datin- Holy Spirit

Believin Stephen
Who really loves me is the question that I ask (Who?)
These are my thoughts as I wrestle with my past
Since a young age, I've struggled with abandonment
Product of divorce, I guess that these are all the damages
If God loves me, then why all this insanity?
Why all of this vanity? Why doesn't He answer me? (Why?)
I wanna start a family, I can't keep on faking it
My heart keeps aching due to broken relationships!

Response 1 from Datin
I know your mom and pops split
but you cannot sit here and say they didn't love you homie stop this
I'm detecting depression but my brother Steve rest in
this truth, you were predestined
to see heaven so rejoice in your election
the Lord loves you. Its okay to ask these questions
just keep pressing in prayer , continue requesting
and according to His will He will give you each blessing

Second Part -Believin Stephen
The industry is heartless, it's really got me nauseous
Got me on some, "Aww man why'd I even start this"
Rap game is godless, so many rappers pompous
They claim that I'm hatin if I say they're immodest
So music...maybe I should stop it
It's not really like I'm out here making a profit
Who really cops it? I'm thinking bout quittin
No one would care if I made that decision

.Response 2- from Datin
What? Have you forgotten bout the testimonies
From all the people that have said your music has blessed them homie
And who cares if all the rest are phony!
The Lord has called YOU to spit the truth to these metronome beats
Not for a check but only so people would get to know thee
Lord Jesus. You are spitting this message soley
For His glory and not for people's acceptance homie
Don't even think about quitting your called to rep Him boldly

Datin Talking

See I’m a little confused at one point you were very clear on what your purpose was and what you were called to do with this gift of yours. Why the sudden change? I feel like this discouragement stems from something else.

Stephen talking:
It’s just not working for me doing it God’s way man. I might as well start tryna blow up like everyone else. I gotta take Christ’s name out my rhymes man.

Third Section- Believin Stephen

I rhyme for the Lord in my lines it is obvious
But if I talk about Him less, I’d reach a wider audience
I’ll like all the acknowledgement and boast of my accomplishments
If I leave His name out I’ll be shining with prominence
I’ve sinned so many times I know God is losing tolerance
He can’t use me, that would be propesterous
My lust, fear and selfishness is idolatry
So I know my sins dis-qualify me
Startin to wonder when I pray does he listen
He’s not answering should I be sayin it different?
So many wounds I’m scarred by heartache
At times like this, it is hard to have faith
Wondering why God allowed this to happen
Does He really care? I’m doubting when asking
If a bride God’s not blessing me with
I guess I might as well start messin with chicks

Datin Response- (16 bars)
Forget the broader audience, don't deny the call
Cause when u deny the call u deny the Lord
If your music is purchased at merchants
But it lacks purpose then them verses are worthless
So never mind the fame and your wallet size
And if you think your sin makes you disqualified
Read 1st John 1:9 see in the fathers eyes
No sin is to great just repent & apologize
Circumstances should not determine
Our contentment we find that in the God we're serving..
Steve I know you are stressing but hear me
Jesus Christ said he'll give rest to the weary
And be patient brother God will provide a bride
But don’t let marriage become something you idolize
Don't sin against him. if he is with holding it
It’s for your good, it’s better when he's in control of it

Datin Talking:
See Psalm 127:1 says if the Lord does not build the house the work of the builders is useless. So in other words your work is done in vain if it’s not God’s will.

Stephen Talking: Man I hear you I hear you, but I don’t know man. I don’t know if God’s gonna give me what I want. His promises aren’t true yo!! I don’t even know if the Bible is true man.


I hear you keep on quoting the Word
But all that Bible talk is like so on my nerves
It’s hard for me to read it, like you’re throwing a curve
The book is outdated, man you know it’s absurd
I’m starting to think God is narcissitic
I want some praise too and I got to get it
But I’m often slippin, on this walk I’m trippin
Maybe I should quit and just not be Christian
(or) My life would be easier if I was not a Christian
(Or Maybe I should live how I want and not be Christian

Datin response

Outdated? Millions are being saved today
By His word, it’s historically accurate, it never fades away
I know you’re confused and times are getting hard
But it’s now when you need to trust the promises of God
We are dust so all the praise is for Him
The one who sent His Son to pay for your sin
And you are saved by His grace alone
Not by your works, so stand firm in your faith…come home!
The Lord is waiting
Track Name: Battle Unbelief feat. Timothy Brindle
Battle Unbelief for the Battling Unbelief album- produced by Big Juice
Featuring Timothy Brindle

Verse 1
Believin Stephen (8 bars)
Call this battle rap cause I battle unbelief
Wars inside my mind, and I’m asking God for peace
I have some victories but feel wack in my defeats
Yea wack in my defeats, not strong, I actually am weak
(So) will I flee temptation, or will I feed the craving
I’m really needing patience, (cuz) it’s not easy waiting (punch)
I know I’m seeming anxious, I’m grieved and kinda hate this
Will I be enslaved in or will I seek His greatness?

Timothy Brindle (8 bars)
I can relate to your struggles, temptation and troubles
Weariness, tears they drip, makin’ a puddle
Although temptations are plaguing your soul,
Recall that we don’t face them alone,
The same as our brothers on the face of the globe,
Not to mention all the saints from of old:
Check Hebrews 11, we see they were tested
But hoped in Yahweh, that He’d resurrect them!

Believin Stephen (4 bars)
Faith is having hope even if we’ve never seen
Trusting God’s promises as people he redeemed
Check Hebrews 11 if you don’t know what I mean
God’s faithful in our trials is the motif and the theme

Timothy Brindle (4 bars)
Yeah that Re-Occuring Theme is blatant:
Repeated in Scripture (i.e.) Re-Capitulation
Just like Adam we see them in probation
Cuz Yahweh’s calling is a season of temptation!!!

Hook 1: (Repeated 2x )
Battle Unbelief- cuz all sin’s a fable
Battle Unbelief- it’s promise is fake, yall!
Battle Unbelief-cuz YaHWeH is Faithful
Battle Unbelief- since God doesn’t change, BOL!!!

Verse 2

Timothy starts (breaks down Hebrews 11 verses 4-22)- 12 bars

Sure Abel had to battle unbelief
His Dad was sinful Adam, and he’s the son of Eve
But to Yahweh He brings his offering
By faith that God would cover all his sin
Enoch is next to list—and he’s redeemed
By the promise of Genesis 3:15
Escaped from death, ascended to the Father
Though the world mocked Noah he was rescued from the water
And though Abraham was impotent
And barren Sarah couldn’t give him a kid
God resurrected her womb, and if Abe kills Isaac He’d Resurrect from the tomb
Abraham stood on Canaan and, yet knew it foreshadowed New Creation Land
Likewise Isaac, Jacob, Joseph
Trusted God to raise them through the Greater Moses!

Stephen ends (breaks down Hebrews 11 verses 23-40)
Moses resisted the pleasures of Egypt
He looked to the reward cause his treasure was Jesus
Rather than give in, instead was mistreated
Sprinkled the blood, so that death wouldn’t meet them
Crossed the Red Sea, but Pharaoh- No!
Rahab told the spies where to go
By faith the people marched very slow
And Then walls fell at Jericho
David conquered a giant, mocked by defiance
By faith Daniel was stopping the lions
Watch in the fire, (Messiah) or Son of God was beside em
Trusted the promise that God wasn’t lying
Some tortured, suffered mocking and flogging
Made strong out of weakness and walked in their doctrine
They came from the dust, same as with us
Battled unbelief, but by faith they were just

Verse 3
Taking it back to Christ:

All these saints walked our path as well
And had the struggles that we have ourselves
But the faith that this passage tells
Is pointing to Jesus in (Hebrews) chapter 12:
1st and 2nd verse,
the Second Person of the Trinity since He stepped on earth
Endured temptation then paid for sin
Then Trusted God to raise Him as the David King!

(Yea) he can sympathize with our weaknesses
Since He was tried but defeated sin
He was tempted so He can identify
He was obedient, even when sent to die!
In Gethsemene he was tempted immeasurably
Unlike Adam, didn’t sin, check his pedigree
He left a legacy, he’s actually a beast!
Let’s go to his throne as we battle unbelief!

Hook 1: (repeated 2x)
Battle Unbelief- cuz all sin’s a fable
Battle Unbelief- it’s promise is fake, yall!
Battle Unbelief-cuz YaHWeH is Faithful
Battle Unbelief- since God doesn’t change, BOL!!!

Bridge (repeated 2x)
Battle Unbelief- cuz he saved our soul
Battle Unbelief- like the saints of old
Battle Unbelief-with a faith that’s bold
Battle Unbelief- let’s take our scrolls
Track Name: Battling Together Interlude
Stephen talking at the beginning: I made this album about battling unbelief yet if I am honest I don’t have it all together. I’ve given in to sin and doubted God way too many times. I often get convicted how I made an album about this heavy subject matter, knowing that I fall so short.

If it were up to me I would’ve quit a long time ago. It’s only by his strength that he allows me to persevere. Maybe you’re listening and ready to give up. Just remember that God is faithful to complete that good work in you that he started.

One thing I’ve found to hold true is that we can’t fight this fight of faith alone. I need other people who I can open up with. People I can be real with and confess sin to. People who will pray with me and encourage me when I’m feeling down and anxious. Let’s fight together yall!!! We’re gonna make it to the finish line! One day (we won’t have to battle anymore)-we’re gonna get to worship God together in heaven.


Sermon clips from John Piper (courtesy of Desiring God) (Clips taken from "Battling Together" and "Battling Despondency" sermons on

We must gather together to strengthen each others confidence in the promises of God. We must stir up hope in the promises of God. We must help each other fight unbelief! So that if you detect the marks of unbelief in somebody’s heart you develop strategies and weapons and warfare, and ways of love to help them beat back the unbelief of their heart and stir up belief.

God has made us a people. He hasn’t made us scattered individuals. He’s made us a family, a body, a comradeship. And he has not designed the church to lose. Nothing will prevail against the church. We will be victorious! But one of the ways we will be victorious is by gathering in smaller platoons, if you like the military image.

What is sin is not to do what Jesus did when the bomb fell in the Garden of Gethsethmete. That’s sin. Sin is yielding to depression. Sin is not taking the armor of God. Sin is not waging spiritual warfare. Jesus shows us another way. It’s not painless but it’s not passive either.
1. Find your trusted friends? Who are they? Who are your inner ring?
2. Open your soul to them.
3. Ask them to fight with you, to wage war with you, to support you, to watch with you and to pray with you.
4. Pour out your soul to the Father.
5. Rest in the sovereignty of His wisdom.
Track Name: Battling Together
This song is for those, like me who are struggling. We need each other as we strive to battle unbelief. We can’t do it on our own. We’re all on the same journey and one day we’ll reach our destination which is heaven- we’ll see Christ face to face! There’ll be no more tears and no more pain.

First Verse

I know I shoulda died, woulda been suicide
If God didn’t intervene, man I would’ve tried
And I’m still alive, take a look in my eyes
I am still standing, fam I could just cry
God gave me a high pain threshold
I know I’ll suffer more as my age gets old
But the pain can’t compare to the glory
My life changed so I’m sharing my story
I’m just hoping as I go through these tribulations
God might use me as an inspiration
Lots of wickedness here in this sinful nation
Come to Christ homie, this is an invitation
Watched so many friends walk down the aisle
Meanwhile, I keep talking about trials
I guess the good part’s I’m not in denial
But honestly I hope they stop for a while
Yooo what you doing tonight?
You know how it is dude, with the wife?
Oh yea that’s right, well mine don’t exist
And so some nights I battle loneliness
Will I ever trust again, my heart is so frightened
I share my pain through the bars I am writin
Trials making me grow so , I’m starting to like them
They didn’t’ (or wouldn’t) stop, though the harder I’d fight them

Hook (Repeated 2x)
We’re all in this together
Let’s battle unbelief until we’re gonna live forever
The pain can’t compare to the glory
He suffered, we’ll suffer, we share in His story

Second Verse
I wonder how will they remember me
I hope it’s not for bars but a person who had empathy
But Satan’s tempting me to go back living selfishly
I must put God’s promises up in my memory
And although I get stressed when I suffer
I am hoping I can be a blessing to others
It’s not about me, but the rest of the brothers
I point em to Christ as the step to recover
A lot of you grew up fatherless
Dad not around so you question if God exists
I write for kids, who get called a weirdo
They said the same thing to Jesus, he’s my hero
We’re all in this together
Let’s battle unbelief until we live for forever
The adversity is certainly hurtin me
But my security is set on eternity
No more news of your pops dyin
No more news of the bullets and the shots flyin
No more news from the doctor about cancer
No more hunger because Jesus our manna

Hook (Repeated 2x)
We’re all in this together
Let’s battle unbelief until we’re gonna live forever
The pain can’t compare to the glory
He suffered, we’ll suffer, we share in His story

Third Verse

I write for the single moms, who are really strong
They been through so much, now they’re like bring it on
For the sexually abused, mentally confused
Cause when they were 10 were molested by a dude
You especially feel used, depression is your mood
God sees your pain but you question if it’s true
To that man who always stayed faithful
But wife cheated, know Yahweh’s able!
Some are homeless so , please remain grateful
Kids get bullied everyday that’s hateful
I write for people who know about depression
I write for people who know about oppression
I write for people who know about rejection
By faith Jesus is accepting
To my drug addicts who have just had it
Feeling real low from the bunk habit
Christ came for the sick with much baggage
He heals and restores cause His loves drastic
And this is for my outsiders
Who been casted off by devout liars
They tryna be someone they not like Mrs. Doubtfire
You are not alone, the amounts higher
We all struggle go through the muck and mire
Christ can relate, so trust Messiah!

Hook (Repeated 2x)
We’re all in this together
Let’s battle unbelief until we’re gonna live forever
The pain can’t compare to the glory
He suffered, we’ll suffer, we share in His story